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Cuci Cuci Sdn Bhd provides professional and excellent quality service committing toward customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to carry out the task entrusted to us with seriousness and sense of respect. We take full responsibility in fulfilling the requirement and demand made by our customers. We work hard to provide the best quality of work and we always maintain long term sustainable business relationship with our customers. We always look forward for future cooperation with our customers.

Cuci Cuci Sdn Bhd services attention to the common areas of your corporate offices, apartments, condominiums, hotels, resorts, shopping complexes, colleges, schools, Building and ground can be maintained daily, weekly or monthly or on any schedule tailored to customer's need. We use industrial strength vacuums, each equipped with a special filtration system, resulting in cleaner air quality for your buildings.

Our Specialisation:

Washing and cleaning equipment
We offer washing and cleaning of equipment as requested by the customers using the latest high technology cleaning technology and machinery. Our response time is fast and our work is beyond satisfactory.
Disposal of medical equipment
Alpha Sierra offers reliable, dependable and affordable medical waste disposal service. Whether you're a large hospital or a small doctors' office, we help keep your employees safe from blood borne pathogens and provide proper sharps containers for the your safety and convenience.
Building cleaning
We are in the business of providing professional high rise building restoration and maintenance cleaning services. With the help of our well trained cleaner, we are able to refurbish the external look of your building , giving it the fresh and clean look again.
Cleaning building area
Our cleaning workers help maintain office buildings, hospitals, stores, apartment, houses and hotels clean and in good condition. Our workers work in teams consisting of cleaners who specialize in vacuuming, mopping the floor, picking up rubbish, cleaning washroom, cleaning the surrounding of building example trimming the grass and among other things. We have supervisors conducting inspections to ensure that the building is cleaned thoroughly and the team is functioning efficiently.
Garbage cleaning
We also provide the service of garbage disposal for residential area, small businesses or companies as well as big enterprise on daily basis. Waste disposal bin will also be provided if required.
Cleaning vehicles ( washing / vacuuming )
We specialized in all aspects of commercial vehicle cleaning including commercial vans, cars, buses and etc. All of our cleaning staffs are fully training. Through the use of the latest car wash products, technology and machinery we achieve the best results, giving our customers full satisfaction.
Pool cleaning
Swimming pools can also be lots of work to keep clean and working correctly. Let us help you with that! We are focused on providing professional and timely pool servicing and maintenance to make sure our customers get the most from their pool investment. This helps customers optimize the time they spend in and around the pool rather than maintaining it. We provide fast response for pool cleaning to both personal and public swimming pool.
Authorized Capital : RM 500,000.00
Paid Up Capital : RM 100,000.00

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